Good to have a Tomorrow

You have to live through winter before you get spring. It's worth the result.

then summer happens and everything you built from the ground up dies

But you get a another opportunity. It's good to have a tomorrow.

On the bottom of the ocean with PTM

Iván Navarro

This Land is Your Land

Iván Navarro This Land is Your Land

Iván Navarro

Iván Navarro

What intro sculpture taught me

Nothing turns out the way you plan it. But what’s the point of giving body to the idea that’s already dead in your head. Don’t resist change. Embrace the unexpected. Life would be boring if you already knew the endings to each chapter.

In the beginning you claimed to be harmless but boy you were wrong. A year later my entire being continues to quiver in despair and electrolytes leak. I want to correct you but that would expose my defeat.


—You Want Everything

you could try to be your best

but don’t you know it’s suicide

to want

you want,

you want everything

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